Avatars & Friends



Can I make more than one avatar?

You can only create one avatar per account.

Can I change the gender/type of my avatar?

Sorry. You cannot change the gender or type of your avatar once you have created it.

The only way to change this is to delete your avatar and start over.
*Please note that if you do this, all your purchased Gems and items, as well as friends and chat history will be deleted completely.

For instructions on how to delete your avatar, please see the following help page.

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How do I change my avatar's name and status message?

You can change your avatar’s name and status message by doing the following:

1. Tap More on the Home screen
2. Tap Profile
3. Tap your avatar name

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What are the icons above the avatars' heads?

The icons above the avatars’ heads indicate what the avatar wants and needs. For example, if the “zzz” icon is shown, rest your avatar by taking him/her to a bed which will also have the “zzz” icon floating above it.

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Can I change my avatar's face?

Yes, you can change your avatar’s face, skin color, and facial parts at the Face Shop. Visit the Face Shop to give your avatar a makeover!

What is the Face Shop?

The Face Shop is where you can change your avatar’s face. Get a new look whenever and however you want!

How do I use the Face Shop?

Visit the Face Shop and try on the different facial parts. Once you find your favorite combination, make your payment. Each makeover at the Face Shop will cost the same amount no matter how many facial parts you change.

When will my avatar's new face come into effect after I visit the Face Shop?

Once you complete the payment using Gems at the Face Shop, your avatar’s face will be changed, and all your friends will see its new face. If you use the Face Shop at the Square, other avatars there will also see the gorgeous transformation effect.


How do I add a friend?

Tap the thumbnail of the avatar you want to add, or the avatar itself if you are in its room, to display a popup of its profile. Tap the Add button to send it a request. You will be added to each other’s friends lists once your request is accepted, so keep your fingers crossed!

Can I keep a friend request on hold?

To keep a friend request on hold, follow the steps below.

1. Go to Friends, then Add Friends.
2. Tap Edit at the top right of the page, then Not Now next to the request you wish to put on hold.

Is there a limit on how many friends I can have?

Yes. You can add up to 3,000 friends.

Once you reach this number, you will not be able to add any friends and other users will be prevented from adding you also.

Who are the avatars on my Recommended list?

If you are logged in to LINE PLAY using your LINE account, the avatars on your Recommended list are your LINE friends with LINE PLAY avatars. If you are logged in using your Facebook account, the avatars on your Recommended list will be your Facebook friends with LINE PLAY avatars.

You can delete any avatar on your Recommended list by tapping Edit at the top right.

Your LINE or Facebook friends who do not have LINE PLAY avatars yet are also displayed below the Recommended list. Invite them to join the fun, and get bonus Gems while you’re at it.

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What is an Official Avatar?

Official Avatars are avatars who are affiliated with LINE PLAY.

When you send Hearts to an Official Avatar or perform tasks such as cleaning the furniture or watering the plants in an Official Avatar's room, you may receive a bonus that is a bit more than the normal reward for completing these Daily Tasks.

You can also get special items from the Gacha machines found inside Official Avatar's rooms.