How do Invitation Codes work?

About Invitation Codes

1. How to enter another avatar’s code
Enter your avatar’s name at the end of the avatar creation screen and tap the Invitation Code button.

2. You can enter another avatar’s code and receive 5,000 Gems only once.
Once you enter another avatar’s code when creating an avatar, you will not be able to enter another code again even after deleting the avatar.

3. The Gem icon on the Invite page will be activated each time your code is entered by another avatar. You can receive the bonus Gems by tapping the button via Home > Add Friends > Invite.
You will receive 2,000 Gems each time your code is entered, up to ten times. You can earn bonuses when the fifth person (20,000 Gems) and tenth person (30,000 Gems) enter your code.

4. You will automatically become friends with user who entered your code.

How can I find my Invitation Code?

You can find your Invitation Code by doing the following:

1. Tap Add at the bottom of the Home screen.
2. Tap Invite.

Your code will be copied by tapping the yellow button with your Invitation Code. You can then share the code on LINE (Timeline), Facebook, or Twitter.

What are contests?

At the Contests page, you can find information about all ongoing and archived avatar contests.

Dress up your avatar according to the theme of an ongoing contest in order to participate in it, and be rewarded with bonus Gems and prizes if you win!

What are avatars of the day?

Find avatars recommended by LINE PLAY on this page, and make new friends by visiting their rooms and diaries.

I don't want to be an avatar of the day.

If you do not wish to be displayed on the Avatars of the Day page, please follow these steps.

1. Tap More at the bottom right of the main screen
2. Tap Settings
3. Tap Privacy
4. Switch off Allow everyone to visit

We hope this helps.

Can I check my Today's Gift Log more than once a day?

Your Monthly Today’s Gift Log will be displayed the first time you log in every day. If you need to see it again later, tap the Quest icon followed by the See button next to Monthly Today’s Gift Log to see your collected stamps and the number of days left in order to receive the completion bonus.

When can I claim my Today's Gift?

Today’s Gifts can only be claimed the first time you log in every day. If you have already claimed your gift for the day, see the remaining time displayed at the bottom of the Today’s Gift screen to find out when your next gift will be available.

Why am I unable to claim my Today's Gift?

You can receive your Today’s Gift by tapping OK on the popup window informing you what the gift is. If your network connection is disconnected or if you exit LINE PLAY without tapping OK on this popup, you will not be awarded the gift. To claim your gift again, launch LINE PLAY again after ensuring that you have a stable connection, or tap the Quest icon followed by the See button next to Monthly Today’s Gift Log to view your gift log again.